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1-on-1 Webcam Lessons

Get coached by a pro from home! Work with a patient, fun instructor and learn your favourite songs and styles in the fastest and easiest way. Apply now for only $9.99 and get an included 1-hour introductory session.
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5 Minute Guitar Book

Get our FREE book shipped right to your door. You just cover the shipping. Completely compatible with our free 5 Minute Guitar video course – get the accompanying tabs and chord charts plus additional, powerful articles to support you as a beginner strumming chords & playing songs quickly.
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Blues Guitar Star

If you’ve got a burning desire to play stinging licks and foot stomping rhythms then get access to our powerful blues series.
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Lead Guitar Star

Who doesn’t love a good guitar solo? Unlock the techniques, licks, solos, scales and vocabulary to play classic solos and to improvise your own solos.
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Acoustic Guitar Star

Be a part of the legacy of the worlds most amazing acoustic guitar music. Get access to our video series and discover the essential acoustic techniques.
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The 1960s Rock Guitar Song Collection

Do you love the legendary music from the 1960s? Hendrix, Led Zep, The Stones, The Beatles and more? Get The 1960s Rock Guitar Song Collection with 50 complete song lessons and the complete breakdown of the chords, licks, riffs and rock n roll techniques to master 1960s Rock Guitar.
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Kids 1-on-1 Webcam Guitar Lessons

We’re on a mission to teach 2000 kids guitar! Get any kid or teen access to a pro guitar instructor in any city or town. Only a webcam and internet connection is needed and our pro instructors and our proven kids guitar method will take care of the rest.
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“5 Minute Guitar” FREE Beginner Guitar Course

4+ hours of step-by-step content that’s perfect for the total beginner. Discover these powerful strumming and chord switching techniques and play cool songs for your best friends & family!
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Shirts, Necklaces and Guitar Gear

Let people know who you are and what you do! Let everyone know you’re a guitar player by wearing guitar gear like shirts and jewelry.
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Make Money With Your Guitar

Teach beginners how to play the guitar. Quit your day job and make up to $5,000 a month (while only working 20 hours a week). Get the FREE “guitar instructor blueprint” and free training.
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The WR Pro Tuner App

Will Ripley, a professional guitarist has teamed up with EUM Labs to make a guitar tuner for Guitar and Bass players that’s compatible with the iPhone/iPad. Super accurate and easy to use!
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Will Ripley Guitar Tuner

Will Ripley, a professional guitarist has teamed up with EUM Labs to make a guitar tuner for Guitar and Bass players that’s compatible with the iPhone/iPad and now prefers this tuner over Korg and Boss tuners.

Finally! An inexpensive and highly accurate (±0.1 cent) tuner is available on the App Store! It also has more than 100 preset, built-in tuning modes which you can change and add to. You can also tune by ear by tapping the strings. Also, hook your guitar up direct to this stomp box look-a-like using the Line-in Mode.

Super accurate, easy to use and aesthetically legitimate. The Will Ripley tuner is simply the best on the App Store.

Better than a $30.00 tuner and you can buy it now for only $1.99 Click Here

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